... I do not know what to say

2017-05-03 08:44:50 by Bouton-Dev

I drew the evening of 02/05/2017 a simple eye in space ...
Except that ...

Preview Eye

Yes, it's VERY UGLY
I wanted to publish it but ... it is because of reflections like the one above that makes me doubt
I was about to see the sentence:
"It's bad this drawing, my little 6 year old blind sister does better than you"
Then yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees ... AND NO!
Seriously, I did not know that it was forbidden to create if our creation was bad!
Also it was to train in AS3 drawing
Yes it is not a real drawing, it was not done under Paint, it was drawn in AS3
I would like to tell everyone to create anything, anywhere, anytime, but if it's to finish at the logger for a random creation done like that ...
So here I would just like to tell you to support anyone getting into the creation of anything and not to do the Jean-Michel expert pro
It's surely going from a silly video game to a debate on creators' support, it can make you a shock but ... it's a dishonest proof of judgment
I've been creating on the Internet for 1 and a half years but imagine the creator who wants to start and who gets screwed for the mistake made at the beginning, if it had happened to me, I would not be here, Thank you for reading to the end